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Hi there. Whether you are a doll collector or just love these precious creations, we are happy to have you here! Inspired by the fascinating history and the limitless beauty of dolls, we feel that it is our mission to create an online source for all doll lovers like us. We aim to gather interesting facts, valuable articles, doll identification marks and pictures, and much more just for you. Learn how to identify German bisque dolls, porcelain collectible dolls, antique wax dolls, papier-mâché dolls, American composition dolls, china and parian hair styles and contemporary vinyl and clay dolls.

We have unlimited ideas that we would like to materialize on this website, but unfortunately have limited time to do so.

It will most likely take a while for us to make our plans a reality. Please feel free to check the for any new additions! Thanks for visiting us!

We buy collectible dolls! If you are interested in selling your collection of dolls please contact us. We buy vintage, antique, contemporary dolls, artist dolls, OOAK dolls... Will be happy to get in touch!

Sonneberger Porzellanfabrik Carl Muller SP 4.jpg

Sonneberger Porzellanfabrik Carl Muller SP 4

The Parallel Worlds

of Dolls and Books

The dolls were always a subject of passion, love, and interest... That is why many books that were written during the past centuries are dedicated to dolls. Some of the stories are told by the human-like dolls that are the main characters and the narrators of their stories.


Here is just a very short list of old fiction books related to dolls, their history, dresses and so much more. Some of the books are hard to find but can be found free on Google Books. Just follow the links and enjoy the reading.

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