Holiday Wishes. Dolls and Postcards

A little girl dressed in her Sunday best is standing next to her brother, who is looking very handsome in a sparkling white sailor suit. They smile into the camera with happy, delighted faces. All around them are wonderful toys - dolls, teddy bears, a toy drum, stacking blocks, a lovely rocking horse. A tabletop Christmas tree, its branches heavy with decorations and tinsel, tells us it is the holiday season, a particularly lucrative one for the lucky children in this photograph.

On the opposite side a charming missive tells the recipient he is missed at this

special time of year. The address seems woefully inadequate by today's zip plus

four standards - no street number and no zip code. And the postage, only 1 cent

to deliver this wonderful sentiment!


Composition Shirley Temple Doll History
A 1909 lithograph postcard.

Source: November 1999 • Antique Doll Collector, Pages 46-48

Doll postcards
Trade Card for Saturday Night Nerve, Brain and Muscle Tonic. Unless you turned it over who would guess that the reverse side claims, "Saturday Night will do more to build up and sustain the Nerves, Brain and Muscles, give Color to the Complexion and increase the Appetite and Strength, renew Vigor and Energy than anything else before the American People."

Photo postcards such as this were enormously popular during the early years of the twentieth century. The camera, once the provenance of a professional photographer, had only recently become a "toy" that nearly everyone could afford.