Composition Toddler Dolls

Although the composition toddler dolls are far outnumbered by the little girl models made of composition, many fine designs for dolls with toddler bodies were made during the approx­imately 40 years of composition doll production.

BY DIAN ZILLNER. Photographs by Suzanne Silverthorn

Effanbee Walk Talk Sleep
Composition Effanbee Walk Talk Sleep Grumpy Doll with painted features and molded hair.

Source: November 1990 • Doll Reader , Pages 70-74

Bubbles Effanbee Doll Co.
13in (33cm) Bubbles made by the Effanbee Doll Co. beginning in 1926 in the toddler model. The doll has a composition shoulder head, full composition arms and legs and a cloth body. She has molded hair, an open mouth with teeth and tin sleep eyes. She is marked: "EFFANBEE//BUBBLES//COPYR. 1924//MADE JN U.S.A." She has been re-dressed.

Some of the earliest of these toddler dolls were made by the Effanbee Doll Co. during the 1920s. After Effanbee's successful marketing of the composi­tion Bubbles baby doll in 1924 and 1925, a new design of this doll was produced in 1926, perhaps to take advantage of the company's new slogan advertising dolls that "Walk -Talk -Sleep." The "new" Bubbles had toddler legs instead of the traditional curved baby legs so that she could also fit the "Walk" of the company's logo. Bubbles had a compo­sition shoulder head, full arms and legs and a cloth body. The hair was molded and she had sleep eyes. The company also used the same body construction on its Grumpy doll which had originally been placed on the market in 1912. The Grumpy doll was made in both black and white models. Grumpy had a frowning face, painted features and molded hair.